Erin Landfill Public Consultation

The current planning permission to restore Erin Landfill Site expires in May 2021. Due to increased recycling and the changing nature of the economy (less waste is being produced), the amount of waste being deposited at Erin is less than anticipated.

Viridor Waste Management Limited is proposing to extend the time to complete landfilling operations at Erin to 31 May 2035, with a further 2 years to complete the final restoration works.

The Site

Extent of restoration works.

This website is designed to inform and consult the local community and interested parties on the proposal before a detailed planning application is submitted to Derbyshire County Council. If you have any questions or would like to comment on the proposal, please get in touch here. We have written to local residents and interested parties about the proposal and have included an information booklet, which is available to view below:


Site history

The site was a former opencast coal site that was operated until 1989.

In 1998, Derbyshire County Council granted planning permission for reclamation of Erin by infilling with colliery spoil and controlled waste. The c. 50ha site west of the M1 Motorway will be restored to woodland and agriculture. Erin Landfill Site has been accepting waste since August 1999.

Present day

The current planning permission for landfill operations is due to expire on 31 May 2021, plus one year for final restoration. To date Viridor has restored 11ha of the site.

Aerial photograph looking east over the site.

The site has consent for 185 HGV visits each working day. Since the site became operational there has been significant changes to the local highway network including junction 29a of the M1 Motorway and Markham Vale Business Park.

This is the approved restoration scheme for Erin Landfill site.

The Proposal

Viridor are proposing to amend planning permission CW2/1007/155 to extend time to complete landfilling operations at Erin Landfill to 31 May 2035, with a further 2 years to complete the final restoration works. Viridor are also considering ways to improve biodiversity as part of the site’s restoration.

Given the original planning application was prepared and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was carried out in 1997, it is considered the site’s baseline conditions and surroundings have changed significantly. To ensure that any potential environmental impacts from the proposal are understood a review and update of the original EIA is necessary.

Why an extension of time?

As a result of waste prevention initiatives, increases in landfill tax, recycling rates and new management technologies, landfill rates have dropped significantly. As a direct consequence landfill sites are not being restored within originally intended time frames, or facilities are being closed without being fully restored. Reduced input rates at Erin have resulted in the restoration not being reached within the agreed time frame.

Landfill capacity to manage residual (non recyclable) waste is considered a valuable, strategic resource that should be used sparingly. If Erin were to close without being restored, residual waste would have to travel greater distances for disposal. Furthermore, Erin would forever bare the scars of its opencast legacy if not restored.

The key reason for an extension of time at Erin is to achieve the approved restoration contours. Based on recent average site inputs and the remaining void space an extension of time to May 2035 will be necessary.

Planning Application

What will not change as part of the proposal?

As part of the proposal, the following operations carried out at Erin Landfill will not change. This includes:

  • The approved development boundary and footprint of the landfill will remain unchanged;
  • There will be no changes to the consented restoration contours;
  • No changes are proposed to the types and the amounts of waste the site can accept;
  • There will be no changes to the management / environmental controls in relation to leachate and landfill gas;
  • There will be no increase in the daily transport movements beyond that already consented; and
  • The current operational hours will remain the same.
What happens next?

Viridor places great importance on their role in the community. As such they are keen to hear the views of local people on the proposal. You can do this by contacting Sirius Planning, details of which are provided below.

Viridor intends to submit the planning application to Derbyshire County Council
by late summer 2020.

Get In Touch

If you would like to talk to us about the extension of time application at Erin Landfill, simply fill out the form below and click ‘submit’. We are also happy to receive comments via email, telephone or by writing to us, details of which are provided below.

0113 264 9960

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